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                               doug cristafir painting with photographic light
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  Originally I was painting for over 12 years using an airbrush and acrylic paints to depict abstract landscapes using an organic process with salt, textures and shapes. After creating and selling over 500 artworks it was time to pause and move into other areas. For over 15 years of playing with computer software to artistically alter photos, I began to integrate painting images with photographs.

  This blending of photo (Image to the left) and painted images lead me to invent a new collage form I call PhotoPainting. I photograph landscapes and elements (trees, skies, streams, light, textures, etc) then combine them with photographed painted paper, plexiglass, or other surfaces to merge into completely new forms and landscapes. My images are not  photographs that I have simply pushed a computer key and manipulated to the finish. These mountains, ridges, forests and vistas are created fresh from my heart to celebrate the energy of creation. You are viewing natural wonders that exist no where else.

  The art images are offered in either a limited edition format of 5 editions (plus 1 artist proof) or open editions in a few different sizes.

If you have questions about any artwork in particular, please feel free to contact me.