We are called in these last few moments of our dreamed experiment to let go; to Surrender...
...to be the joy, the love, the dreamer that dreams a frequency of love connecting with other dreamers.
We are called to Love Ourselves without fixing or trying to control.
As we dream and feel love we connect and send a wave across the planet
that literally seduces our physical being into resonance with our soul.
It is really that simple.

Which Frequency Will You Be?
Embrace It All...Wholeness Trumps Everything!
There is No Us and Them!

It is not so much that there is a specific path or even a specific WAY that we are being called to be on this planet. All of the WAYS...all of the journeys...all of the perspectives are valid. We are waking up to the knowing that we are in fact dreamers that have been dreaming a world. Holding it together and playing all of the ways that each of us has been drawn to express in each of our lives.

There is no New Age future, there are no special ceremonies that if we all do together, will suddenly make us all whole. NO THING, NO WAY is the right way. Our individual realization that we are spirits that have bounded our energies with skin in order to experience and know something other than what a boundless spirit could know in an unlimited universe...is ALL that we are doing.

To dance around a circle while spinning, throwing pixy dust, standing on one leg, rotating to the moon's glow, then chant an ancient song before the wind circles the high peaks...these and thousands of other ways...are the texture, the flavor, the color, the angle, the juice, the magic, the art, the beauty of creation. Limitless only by the imagination of the person or people creating the moment. None of it matters, yet everything matters.

As we awaken to knowing that we are in fact the dreamer dreaming the dream...everything changes. We are the Hundredth Monkey not only awakening...we are the Hundredth Monkey awakening in realization that we have actually created the universe. For what is a universe beyond our perceptions of it. When we know we create the dream, we connect and allow other dreamers the space to create their own dream...fearless in the realization that there is nothing another can do to us without our permission. The dreamer and the creation become one...joyfully, lovingly, allowing and unencumbered with having to fix anything other than our own angle of view.

Knowing that we are the dreamer there is no fear of lack, limitation, or the need to take or war with one another. We become sovereign with full responsibility for our life and world. We allow others to be, without trying to control or manipulate. We draw to ourselves exactly what our frequency vibrates with.

We are called in these last few moments of our dreamed experiment to let go, surrender...to just be the joy, be the love, be the dreamer that dreams and aligns with a frequency of love connecting with other dreamers dreaming the love. There is nothing to fix or control. As we dream and be love we connect and send a wave across the planet that literally seduces our souls into resonance with our physical being. It is really that simple.

So dance, sing, raise your arms to the heavens...stand on one leg and chant to the moon...none of it matters...yet, it is all beautiful and magical. It is what makes being in these bodies juicy, seductive and worth the pains of turmoil as we shake loose the cobwebs of our dreamed madness.

There is no other place in my universe that I would choose to be than dancing on the brink of oblivion as I contemplate the awesome colors penetrating my being, knowing that the world that has captured my attention is about to morph into something other, something more, something beyond what we have collectively chosen to be as a planet in any other time in our history.

I joyfully stand as A Hundredth Monkey raising my arms to the sky...feeling the warmth of the sun...feeling...”yeah...I created this moment of choice”...this moment of connection to all that is...And the 10,000 things will bow to my will, because I am the dreamer, the lover, caressing a new world into being...dreaming the next moment of ecstasy into oblivion...
just because I feel like it.

Embrace It All...There is No Us and Them!

love or fear


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